Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak


Ever wonder what being a tribal missionary is really like? Our Witchdoctors Are Too Weak paints a realistic picture of missionary life through amusing, yet heartfelt stories that take you outside the "church box" so you can see God afresh through the eyes of Amazon tribal people. Experience the reality of tribal missions and how God works through people who are not hyper-spiritual, not dead-serious, and very honest about their own shortcomings.

When Davey Jank starts a new life in the Amazon jungle among the remote Wilo tribe, he enters a world where witchcraft is the trade of the powerful; where fear drives a timid, isolated society to acts of desperation and the brink of despair.

Davey, Marie and others who join them struggle to decipher and learn the tribe's unwritten tongue.  Within a few years the Wilos are enthusiastically reading and writing in their own language.  But they want more.  They want to know what "God's Talk" says.  They hope there is something more to life than the vicious cycle of fearing and appeasing the spirits....

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