Growing Up Wild Vol. 2


"With the Wild brothers leading, each episode is full of wonder, discovery, and amazement at the mighty works of God’s hand. The Growing Up Wild collection would be a great addition to any homeschool. While the DVD series could serve as a compliment to a homeschool and/or Sunday School curriculum, the uses are endless. Consider showing the DVD’s at VBS, youth groups, summer programs, or private/Christian schools. Actually any setting where the audience could benefit from seeing the ins-and-outs of modern day missionaries would be perfect." - Schoolhouse Review Crew

"Growing Up Wild" is a collection of educational DVDs that takes you into the remote jungles of the Asia Pacific and shows you the day to day life of the four Wild brothers. Each episode will share an aspect of missionary life and offer activity ideas that will cause your children to explore their world and connect with ours


Volume 2 includes:
•Rainy Day - Don't let the soggy weather turn you into a hermit crab! As the rain falls down be prepared to have fun with the Wild brothers! Grab your surfboard and see that a walk down memory lane lands them on a tropical island getaway.

•New Discoveries - What wonderful treasures are just waiting to be found? Come face to face with a giant phasmid, beautiful butterflies and eternal riches in this episode of discovery!

•Hiking Adventure - The Wild brothers are heading on a Hiking Adventure! In this episode you will see and hear the many sounds of a tropical rain forest. Grab you backpack and a bag of marshmallows because we are going camping!

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