Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ - Digital Version


The chronological Bible teaching method used in Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ has helped believers from around the world gain a clear understanding of God, man’s relationship with Him, and the grace He has made freely available through the death of His Son. Use these full featured study materials to:

  • Gain greater insight into God’s character, grace, presence and activity through history
  • See man's sinful state and separation from God and its consequences
  • Follow the beautiful revealing of God's redeeming plan through Christ
  • Build a steadfast faith built on the foundation of God's Word

This revised edition features:

Lessons that encourage student teacher interaction/discussion

  • Updated, easy-to-teach lesson layout

Everything you need for a year of foundational Bible teaching, whether in Sunday School, small group Bible study, young adult home school, one-on-one, or self study.


This all new revision makes the lessons even more relevant for your students and easier for you to teach.

  • 5 volume lessons 
  • Student workbook for 3 lessons included
  • Includes all maps, charts & posters, power point, and key notes

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