101 Essentials Kit - PRINT AND DIGITAL


Establish is a foundational disciple-making series that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. It provides a step-by-step journey so that ALL peoples are established in Christ and empowered to make disciples. 

  • It highlights the majesty and glory of God as revealed through the story in His Word.
  • It focuses on, and provides resources for, three key aspects of the disciple-making process - 1. LIFE in community. 2. LIFE on life. 3. LIFE on mission. 
  • It focuses on primary truths at each level of study. 
  • It is designed to help walk your disciple through each stage of spiritual development - from embracing the gospel to maturing in Christ. 
  • It contrasts biblical truth with your disciples' worldview for biblical transformation. 
  • It is designed to address the mind, the emotions, and the will.
  • It provides pictures, illustrations, and object lessons to bring the truth to life. 


Included in this kit are: 

1 - Discipler Book 1 (6"x9")

1 - Discipler Book 2 (6"x9")

1 - Disciples Notebook  

2 - Who is God? booklet (5.25"x3.25") *additional copies sold separately

1 - Package of Match sticks (teaching aid)

1 - Sin-Debt Rope (teaching aid)


NOTE: Purchase of the physical kit includes a set of digital resources.


For USA or International orders please contact us. 

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