Planting in Dusty Soil


Seven nervous Budik teenagers stood at the water's edge awaiting baptism. Sweat glistened on their brows, caused by the stifling heat and their fears. Their greatest fear on that day was that this step of faith would intensify persecution from their families and the Budik elders. This was totally uncharted territory.

Have you ever felt like the work you’re doing for God is like dust blowing away with the next breeze? Then you’ll want to read the story of the work God is doing among the Budik people of Senegal in the book, Planting in Dusty Soil.

Missionaries began working among the Budiks in the 1970s, yet in some ways the missionary team is still pioneering there. Read about the challenges they have faced – and how God is working in spite of the difficulties.

(NTM@work, our quarterly magazine, first shared this story in August 2006. Planting in Dusty Soil is the new, expanded version of the story.)

Paperback, 54 pages

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