The Wall of Truth


Do you ever wish you could help someone who is bitter, frustrated, or suffering? Maybe you wish you could help yourself through those times! The Wall of Truth is pure Scripture that will stand between you and the onslaught of lies and wrong thinking you face every day.

We can't always choose our circumstances in life, but we get to choose our perspective and our response to what happens. God's powerful Word equips us to handle tough things like disappointment, abuse, boredom, anger, and tragedy – in a way that honors Him AND sets us free.

This carefully laid out collection of scriptures makes it easy to see problem areas in our thinking and how to correct them. Nothing shines light and hope into our day more than having our minds renewed to God's perspective on what's happening to us.

As we take each situation through the grid of Truth that He has provided for us, our burden is lightened and our hearts are filled with His peace before anything even changes in our circumstances. As a wonderful side benefit, His Truth equips us to help others who are going through difficult times, comforting them as we have been comforted.

The Wall of Truth is laid out in six sections with plenty of white space to record your own thoughts and other verses:

    • Who We Are
    • Who He Is
    • What He Does
    • Why?
    • Our Response of Thankfulness
    • Our Response of Forgiveness


      Compiled by Leah C. Humphreys

      Full color; 80 pages

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