Growing A Wise Family


Are family devotions ancient history? Something your grandfather did? Consider this:
Today's family, your family, faces a daily deluge of secular humanism, materialism, apathy, explicit sexuality, and an anti-family culture.

God surely had young people in mind when He dictated the book of Proverbs. He understands the challenges they face and wants to help them make wise decisions.

There isn't a period when a daily time of spiritual refreshment was more needed by dad, mom, and the kids, than today. A stable, spiritually-minded family does not happen by accident. It’s a tender shoot that needs frequent watering by the Holy Spirit with God’s Word.

“Growing a Wise Family” provides 100 devotionals—each one using a different verse as a foundation—with anecdotes and applications that should be enjoyable for children of all ages. To assist parents further, there are three questions with the author’s answers at the end of each devotional.”

Bryan Coupland and his wife, Del, are parents of three children who are now married with their own children. Bryan is a former veterinarian and currently serves with Del as members of NTM, and as a church and conference speaker on Christian living.

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