Relationship - The Essence of Discipleship


Jake Giesbrecht's passion for intentional, relational discipleship comes from many years of Bible teaching, including more than thirty years of pastoring. He calls for a commitment to an ongoing lifestyle of discipleship that will reproduce itself. A lifestyle of discipleship will produce a passion for it in disciples due to the relational and productive dynamics of it.  Observation and experience in the program-driven ministry of churches have pointed out the need to produce greater depth in the lives of believers that is needed for the church to significantly impact society. 

In this book, there will be a shift in terminology from believers to followers of Christ. With that shift comes a higher sense of priority and higher expectations of followers of Christ.  The personal involvement in the spiritual development of others will increase the sense of accountability and responsibility. It will lead to an increased commitment to the nurturing of each other in the context of relationship. 

Jake Giesbrecht, BA, MA, served as pastor, and on the board of directors of various mission agencies. He has taught seminars on discipleship, and a counselling course in a seminary in Indonesia. 

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