To Fly Again - French


Is it possible to soar - not just survive - after life has knocked you down? Like a violent microburst that threatens to down an aircraft, an unexpected crisis may rock your world and leave you wondering whether the life you've known is over. Gracia Burnham understands those feelings. She and her husband, Martin, spent a horrific year as hostages among the Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Philippines. She was rescued after a gun battle that killed her husband and filled her life with uncertainty.

In this book, Gracia Burnham reflects on how she is rebuilding her life by God's grace alone. Using illustrations from the Burnham's year in the jungle and her experiences since returning home, Gracia writes about the confusion, fear, anger, anxiety, and loss of control that all people in crisis experience. She also illustrates how God longs to pour His grace into people with broken dreams and fill their life with new meaning and joy.

You may be one of the many thousands who know the Burnhams' story from Gracia's first book, In the Presence of My Enemies. Or perhaps you are seeking direction and hope in the midst of your own crisis. Either way, after reading this book you'll better understand why God's sufficiency, grace, and peace are never so real as when you choose to trust Him in the midst of pain and difficulty.


Author: Gracia Burnham with Dean Merrill

French translation; paper back 

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